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Why Centrik?

Centrik is a consulting studio founded by the group of CA, CS, Attorney, and Retired Government Officials with a vision to provide one-stop expertise solutions under one roof, for turn-key GTL (Government, Tax and Legal) services with niche expertise. Centrik performs the role of a complete service with advisory and action in one place. We achieve this by pooling in different experts together, pass on their analysis, and work as customized with the client.

Now you must have got a fair idea of our aim, which is to let our clients focus on their core idea and vision, leaving the time-consuming compliance, financial planning, and execution part thereof, to us.

“Debt Recovery Management” (DRM) division of “Centrik, is a team of experienced professionals including Chartered Accountants, CS, Retired Government Officials and Attorneys specialized and focused on Debt Recovery Management only. We offer our services in all kinds of claims, being small or large, and serve clients nationwide on a contingency basis. We ensure quick recovery of your money owed and we make sure it is not resting in someone else`s bank.

Our features:

  1. Specialized and Experienced Team of more than 100 Qualified professionals
  2. PAN India Presence and All Industry
  3. Fees that suit every size of the company/assignment
  4. Professional approach
  5. Track status online
  6. High Success Rate


Centrik as a Glance

  1. Presence across India with 8 offices in different cities
  2. Having more than 100 qualified professionals which comprise of CA’s, Lawyers, CS’s, Ex-Bureaucrats, Bankers, Ex-judges and other professionals
  3. Have handled more than 6700 assignments within the last 3 years
  4. Clients spread across India and 6 Countries
  5. Holding No.1 position with Google organically on various keywords
  6. Monthly newsletters to 85000 readers on various research and write-up
  7. More than 1200 blogs published and circulated
  8. Covered by a various newspaper like The Tribune and online magazines
  9. Use of IT Innovation for complete transparency and real-time update.
  10. Strong presence over social media
  11. Have appeared before RERA authority, RERA Tribunal, High Courts for 15 States
  12. Have received the order in more than 1000 RERA cases across India
  13. Have handled various cases of RWA association related to handover, EDC/IDC, and change in structure.
  14. Have successfully completed the 1st case in India where remaining development work has been given to RWA
  15. Filed 1st of the case before Hon’ble High Court by a group of Buyers against RERA Tribunal
  16. The team has handled some high profile case of homebuyers under RERA and Insolvency
  17. Solved more than 100 cases in IBC (Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code)
  18. Handled more than 200 cases under RERA with different States
  19. Have Solved multiple big cases of IBC.
  20. Have filed multiple Writ on Various issues

Once we’re on board, Centrik will assertively, but lawfully, seek the recovery of your money. We will contact the debtors and negotiate with them. Alternatively, you can sell the debt to Centrik at an arrived consideration. A buyout will often include the purchasing of the target company’s outstanding debt, which is referred to as “assumed debt” by the purchaser. Centrik will be that purchaser to handle the cumbersome recovery so that the target company can recover its money.

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