RERA’s first hearing in Gurgaon on March 27, 2018


Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 was enacted in the last year and the onus was on the state to draft the rules for the implementation of such Act. Haryana implemented the HRERA rules in the month of July last year but even after the rules came into existence the functionalities of the authorities were always in question. But after all that tussle finally RERA Authority of Gurgaon is ready to begin the show.

It’s been around 2 months since the establishment of RERA Authority in Gurgaon, HRERA now going to begin its grievance redress system by holding the first hearing of complaints on March 27, 2018. Till now, the RERA Authority in Gurgaon has registered ninety-nine complaints — largely associated with delay in possession — submitted by homebuyers, which can be concerned for hearing in phases. The matters related to registration of real estate project will be entertained by the HRERA Authority in the first hearing.

Chairperson of HRERA Authority made a statement that the second hearing will going to be in the initial week of April,” and that they might take up buyers’ complaints on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is reserved for preparation of the hearing, and the decision will be uploaded on Saturday for the same hearing in that week.

As there are two RERA authorities in Haryana: a) Panchkula b) Gurugram; Seventy-five complaints were submitted by homebuyers in Panchkula Authority and out of the seventy-five complaints only nine complaints were in correct format, whereas remaining sixty-six complaints were found non-aligned as per the given regulations. In Gurgaon, the Authority has received ninety-nine complaints since its genesis i.e. Feb 05, 2018 from the aggrieved home buyer which were in correct format, all of the got and notices were issued to respondents involved.

Elaborating on filing of complaints, Khandelwal made a statement that complainants ought to register their grievances on the authority’s website and after filing the same the complainant will get a registration number. After registering a grievance on the web site, a litigant shall file it before the authority personally with list of dates, brief facts, issues to be decided, relief sought and affidavit,”

HRERA gave an assurance to conclude on a grievance within sixty days. Notices would be sent to respondents within twenty-one days of hearing. The respondent shall file replies on the allegations made by the complainant and other submissions along with the evidences.


Disclaimer – The above points are based on the personal interpretation and understanding of the RERA rulings, which may differ person to person. The readers are expected to take expert opinion before placing reliance on it.

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