Registration of Real Estate Agent under RERA – Uttar Pradesh


Every real estate agent required to register as per Act shall make an application in writing to the Authority in Form ‘G’, in triplicate, until the application procedure is made web based.

Government Fees:

The real estate agent shall pay a registration fee at the time of application for registration by way of a demand draft or a banker’s cheque drawn on any scheduled bank or through online payment, as the case may be, for a sum of:

  • 25,000/- in case of the applicant being an individual or
  • 2,50,000/- in case of the applicant other than an individual.

Documents Required for RERA Agent Registration

  • The brief details of his enterprise including its name, registered address, type of enterprise (proprietorship, societies, partnership, company etc.);
  • the particulars of registration (whether as a proprietorship, partnership, company, society etc.) including the bye-laws, memorandum of association, articles of association etc. as the case may be;
  • Name, address, contact details and photograph of the real estate agent, if it is an individual and the name, address, contact details and photograph of the partners, directors etc. in case of other entities;
  • The authenticated copy of the PAN card of the real estate agent;
  • The authenticated copy of the address proof of the place of business.

Validity of Registration

The registration for real estate Agent shall be valid for 10 years until it is revoked.


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