How to file RERA Complaints in Haryana


The State of Haryana while, in one hand recorded big growth in real estate, has also been centre for many land scams and litigations involving high profile persons. With the growth in sector, the no. of issues, complaints and fraud have also increased. Due to lack of specific regulations or agency to attend the complaints, by buyer against builder or vice-versa, was not addressed properly.

However, RERA Regulation has provided a big relief and established separate authority to attend the grievance in real estate sector. Let’s understand the RERA laws and grievance redressal system in Haryana.

RERA in Haryana

RERA, is a set of laws, regulations and authority by the Government to ensure (i) accountability, (ii) sustainability, (iii) grievance redressal, specifically for real estate industry. The Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act, 2016 was commenced from 01/05/2017.

As required by RERA Act, the State of Haryana has notified its final Haryana RERA Rules, 2017 on 28/07/2017 which prescribe regulation, form and process for;

  1. RERA registration by builders and agents
  2. RERA authority constitutions
  3. Filing complaints before RERA Authorities
  4. Complaint redressal system

Common Complaint before RERA

Some the common issues faced by the buyer which are being filed before RERA authority/RERA Adjudicating officer are as under:

  1. Delay in possession of the Property.
  2. No refund from the Builder.
  3. No compensation for delay as promised
  4. Delay in registry
  5. Un-necessary demand by builders
  6. Non-payment of penalty for delay etc.

Filing RERA Complaint in Haryana

After Till now, the RERA portal in Haryana has not been launched, hence any complaint shall be filed physically in Panchkula office. RERA complaint in Haryana can be filed before following authorities depending upon the kind of grievance.

Complaint to RERA Adjudicating officer

  • Any complaint relating to claim of interest and compensation,
  • which is covered by section 12, 14, 18 and 19, of RERA Act, 2016,
  • can be filed in form ‘CAO’ before Haryana RERA Adjudicating officer, in triplicate.
  • The complaint shall be filed with the fees prescribed in Schedule III which is Rs. 1000/- plus Rs. 10 per annexure.

The RERA Adjudicating officer shall, after following the prescribed procedure, dispose the complaint within 60 days of filing. If it is not disposed in said period, the officer shall record the reasons.

Complaint to Haryana RERA Authority –

  • Any complaint relating to violations of RERA Act, or RERA Rules and regulations,
  • Except those which can be filed with RERA adjudicating officer,
  • Can be filed before RERA Authority in form ‘CRA’ in triplicate
  • After paying the prescribed fees in Schedule III which is Rs. 1000/- plus Rs. 10 per annexure.

The RERA Adjudicating officer shall, after following the prescribed procedure, dispose the complaint within 60 days of filing. If it is not disposed in said period, the officer shall record the reasons.

Complaint to Haryana RERA Tribunal

  • RERA tribunal is second appellate authority.
  • Any person aggrieved by order of RERA authority or adjudicating officer
  • May file complaint to Haryana RERA tribunal in form “AAT” in triplicate
  • Within 60 days from the date of receipt of such order
  • After paying the prescribed fees as per Schedule III which is Rs. 1000/- plus Rs. 10 per annexure. The RERA Tribunal shall, after following the prescribed procedure, dispose the complaint within 60 days of filing. If it is not disposed in said period, the officer shall record the reasons.

How we help in complaint filing and redressal

RERA consulting team of Centrik is very versatile and experienced. We have in-depth and practical experience in dealing various issues and RERA litigation before different RERA authority. To name, some consultancy, are as under:

  1. RERA registration for project and agents
  2. RERA Complaint filing & redressal
  3. RERA Compliance
  4. RERA advisory
  5. Appearance before RERA Authority
  6. And other advisory

For more details and advisory, please mail us at or call us at 8383011629


Note – Please note that the above article is for education purpose only. This is based on our interpretation of laws which may differ person to person. Readers are expected to verify the facts and laws.


  1. i already filled complain under lok adalat , should i have to withdraw that case before filling case under Haryana Rera ?

  2. Hi Team,

    Now, I need your help. it is with developer. here are the other details for your reference.

    1. Project is running very late and he has accepted the same over the email.
    2. He is proposing me to take the apartment in some other project, which I refused. This is also in e-mail.
    3. I am asking him to share the refund procedure and following up with them.
    4. I want you to take it up and take it forward.

    Request you to pls suggest the correct contact number / email as well so that we can discuss this over the phone and take it further.


  3. Builder have given Parking in possession letter with number but now after taking all the maney he is saying that it was an error from there side and changing car Parking lot to a distant place in the society, where can we complaint about this please suggest.


    1. Dear Sir, you can file a complaint before RERA having jurisdiction on the project if it is covered by RERA provisions.

  4. I have been duped by M3M builder Gurgaon in booking 2bhk under 3 years No Rent No EMI scheme.I met the builder representative Shubham Malhotra and India bulls representative Chandan ,they took Rs.2 lakh cheque on the pretext of booking a flat in their scheme.They encashed the cheque and refused the loan.Now they are making excuses ,neither any refund nor any loan in the scheme.What should I do.

      1. Hello ..i m nagender ..i am elctrical contrector i am working in TDI sonepat
        Last 8 month they not paying my billing amount..
        Now aday bill amount become 13 lakh
        So plz advice me….what i do

    1. As per the RERA Act, 2016 read with HRERA rules if that project falls under the criteria of “ongoing project” then a complaint can be filed.However, the RERA Authority has its sole discretion to gauge about the maintainability of the case in such circumstances.For more clarification please contact at 9717790021.

  5. I have booked Flat in SRS Faridabad in 2011 and the possession is to be delivered upto August 2015. The possession offered in August 2017. Can I lodge complaint in RERA. I do not know whether the project was registered in RERA

  6. Hi there,
    I have a flat under Affordable housing policy, Haryana. The builder is demanding the EDC charges of 70k, which were never mentioned earlier at the time of application. Also he is nor passing on the benefit of Input Tax Credit under GST. Can I file a complaint to RERA, in this matter. If not, who are the relevant authorities who can help??

  7. I booked a plot with Raheja Developers at project – Raheja Aranya, Sohna, Gurgaon. There was a separate agreement between builder and purchaser, according to which I could cancel my booking after a certain period and then builder would give me guaranteed premium over the 25% amount paid. 75% was taken as loan from the bank. Now Raheja has refused to honor the agreement.
    Does this come under RERA perview?

    1. The project Raheja Aranya City comes under the ambit of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. In this case, we can ask for all the loss and damages due to the non-performance of the Builder.Furthermore, we are already dealing with 2 cases of the same project and the complaint has been accepted by the Gurgugram RERA Authority.

      1. I had also booked a plot in Raheja Aranya.For thelast 2 years the builder is saying that they have applied for completion certificate and hence possession is delayed. I fail to understand why a Plot project should take 2 years for CC. it seems something fishy there, please advise what should we do

        1. YOu can file case before RERA authority and investigation may be ordered. Even the compensation for delay can be demanded. For more information, please send the details at or speak at 8383011629

    2. I have booked an affordable house with super tech the valley project and I have been alloted the flat. But Due to unavoidable circumstances. I have cancelled and surrender all the original documents to super tech gurgaon office in Aug’19. Till date it’s more than a year., I have been following up for my refund they are not refunding my money. What should I do?

  8. Hi we have bought a flat from ABW in their Verona Hills project in Sector 76 Gurgaon. This project has been stalled for last 2 years or more. The builder is not responding or giving any reply as to when this will commence and handed over. We want refund of the money paid to the Builder. Please help us in this

    1. If the Builder is not responding and the possession date as per the Builder-Buyer agreement has been surpassed then a RERA complaint shall be filed before the HRERA Authority and therein you can ask for the refund along with the interest.

      For more clarification please contact at 9717790021.

  9. Hi
    I had booked a flat with ILD buiders 4 years back on aohna road. Last year due to some reasons i had to cancel my booking. Since then i am chasing for the refund.shall i seek help from RERA.

  10. I have brought a construction based FLAT in bahadurgarh in omaxe
    2.The first installment they have received was on 12 june 2012.
    3. But the agreement was executed between us on 22nd Aug’15(they have not sent it to me till 3yrs).But even during those three years(june 2012 to aug. 2015) also installments were deposited.
    4.And also as per the terms & condition of the Agreement, possession to be offered of the allotted unit in 24 months from the date of execution of the agreement.So that date is 22 Aug .2017 .That date also has passed and they are saying it will take around one year more.
    5.What to do.Please suggest.My email is

  11. Adel Landmarks promotes a few projects in Gurgaon which stands abandon for last 4 years . The licensee is a subsidiary of promoter which marketed the project , collected more than 50 percent of the cost , failed to renew the license and register with Haryana RERA which is mandatory for ongoing project. Can we approach the Authority for issue notice to builder to get the project registered and also seek refund if the promoters fails to do so

    1. Yes, as per section 18 read-with Section 19(4) of RERA Act, 2016, you can approach to RERA authority for complete refund with interest and compensation.

  12. Ist of all, I found Centrik very informative & useful Service and we r thanful for the same. My querries are :
    1.Is Haryana RERA is functional ?
    2. For better result should we prefer filing complaints before Chairman H-RERA or before Adj. Officer ?
    3. Is it mandatory for state RERA to provide the Online submission of compalints services to the complainent , if so by when is expected to be functional /
    4. In pre RERa era the Builder Buyer Agreements are biased towards the customer, is it still necessary to get BBA of pre RERA era signed, if so then the complainent would be compelled to give his consent to the partial terms & conditions (unspecifice date of possesseion, different interest rates ( while charging for late payment by alottee and different while project possession get delayed ) etc etc..
    5. What is the case number of WP filed before HC H&P filed on 20.2.18, DOH 27.4.08 reg reg diluting theH RERA by keeping developers with Just OC (instead of CC) out of the purview of RERA ?

    1. Dear Harmet, Haryana RERA is functional. The complaint shall be filed before Haryana RERA only. The adjudicating officer has not been appointed in Gurgoan till 15/6/18. Complaint filing may be online or offline but hearing shall be offline only.

      For more information, we need facts, please mail us at

  13. I have filed a case against the builder in NCDRC. Can I still file a case in RERA even if the builder has taken OC before RERA enforcement

    1. Dear,

      As per section 71, any other court would not have right to decide the matter which falls under RERA. As per section 31, any aggrieved person may file a complaint. As per our opinion, you have file case under RERA and RERA has right to ask for withdrawal of case with NCDRC. For more info, please mail us at

  14. Dear Sir,
    I have bought a flat in Krishna housing scheme in affordable housing scheme 2013 from Raheja Developers 2 years back. I had taken a bank loan also. but due to some reason I can not continue with the property. so I have given a written application of submission of flat. But they are saying that they cant refund the paid amount before 18 months as they have invested all the money in project. Shell I wait for this long time or I should go to HRERA. please clear me on the same
    Anju rani

    1. You can surrender your flat and the builder has to return the money as per the surrender clause in Builder Buyer agreement. For more details, please mail us at

  15. I have been duped by SKM builders. I booked a 2 BHK flat in SKM Cambrian Forest Group Housing Project in Sector -95 Gurgaon.

    The builder has taken 20% of BSP and has not started construction and even not reachable (His office is closed). Not sure what to do and how to get my money back.

    Could you please help me with my case? Are you from Haryana RERA cell or just give advice on the matter to consumers?


    1. We are RERA consultants who provide complete advisory relating to RERA matters. You can go for RERA complaint and would be entitled of relief u/s 18 of RERA Act.

  16. I have downloaded the orders from HRERA, PANCHKULA, as Buyers, haven’t received the hard copy yet. I am aggrieved by the said orders.
    Wish to file an appeal before Haryana Appellate Tribunal.
    Please let me know the procedure, form etc., besides providing the complete address of the Haryana Appealatte Tribunal.
    V. P. VERMA

    1. If you are aggrrerived by the order of HRERA, you can file appeal before HRERA Tribunal within 60 days from receipt of order. For other details regarding procedure and others, please mail the order at or call our expert at 8383011629

  17. I have booked a plot in ferrose sector 70 faridabad on 2012 i have paid 40% amaunt to bilder .ferrose not able to dilver the project having no land and court caseswe demand refund over money but he refused more then 300 byer chited by bilder fir also regi. Agaist him so maney criminal complaint against him .i have put a case in consumer forum in panchkula last 2year can i widraw the case to file complaint in Hrera panchkula what can ido?

    1. Yes, the filing of the complaint is not depending upon the registration of project with RERA. As per section 31 of RERA Act, 2016, any aggrieved person can file the complaint against the promoter.

  18. Sir,
    I purchased a plot in HUDA sector 65 Faridabad in January 2016 from the first allotee of HUDA. I have paid extension fee for this plot during 2016,2017,2018. Transfer permission and re allotment is being issued in my favour . Now I want to construct this plot, I came to know that the land of plot is not acquired by HUDA. I made a complaint to the Estate Officer HUDA Faridabad but no reply came . Then I complaint the matter on CM window. Then the Office of administrator Faridabad replied that the consolidated case of all disputed plot in Faridabad is being sent May 2018 to Chief Administrator HSVP for approval.

  19. Booked a flat in Godrej meridien on subvention, builder is asking to sign the BB agreement without mentioning subvention in the agreement on the pretext that they have a standard format that they cannot change. Is this justified ?

  20. I have alotted a HUDA plot in rewari.but after possession area of plot decrease but HUDA authorities do not refund my excess amount due to decrease area.can I complained against HUDA in hrera

  21. HI Sir,
    I booking a shop in VSR 85 in 2014 that time they ensure me project will start soon and completed end of 2018.
    But till now, they not yet started the project and I need my booking amount return back. I try to contact VSR so many time but they are making excuse and told as you will get soon. I wrote so many email but they not yet reply the single one. Please assist, how can I make complete for my booking amount refund.

  22. Thanks for compiling such an informative post on the topic of complaints to RERA Authority in Haryana. The way RERA Authority is disposing cases is remarkable and as a result the real estate segment is coming out of the doom and moving towards future of certainty and accountability.

  23. I am an NRI customer ,have purchased an Apartment in DLF Regal garden Gurgaon .They have given me possessasion in Feb’18 but not registering the apartment in my name & my reminders were last replied in May ‘18 that they need few month but still not yet ready for registration. I have reminded them again.
    Please advise what should i do ?

  24. Hi,

    I had booked a flat in adore happy homes Faridabad under affordable scheme. Now it has been 4 years and I have paid all the EMIs .project is ready but builder is asking additional amount which he is not supposed to.
    He is asking for 1.40 lacks in cash when I am asking for possession.Also, he is not giving any demand letter. Also, not giving NO DUES .Can you please let me know where to complain against him.

    1. You can move application/complaint before RERA regarding the above. For more information, pleas mail us at rera@centrik with your contact details

  25. Hi sir,

    I had invested in Mvl india business centre gurgaon in 2010 under assured return plan..however they have stopped assured return in 2012 and made a new agreement with 15 percent area enhancement with increased possession date to jun 2014..till date they have not given any possession and at the site construction work is also not happening..they only give fake promises and also duped in other projects..i suppose the project is not rera registered.. what can i do to get my money back..i heard that the owner ia arrested on 15mar due to lot of complaints and cases against him..can rera gurgaon help me if i approach them? Or what can i do


  26. I booked a flat in Pal Greens from Pal builders and infrastructure Faridabad 10 years ago .The project stopped in between . I paid 7 lacs to them. I didn’t get any refund or possession till date.

  27. Hi! I have booked a Flat in Maxworth Citi Residencies sector 10 Gurgaon in 2013 under pre launch. The property was then launched on march 2014. Builder promised to provide the possession by 2017. Builder has taken 90% of payment and now stopped the construction. He is not even picking the call now. Please let me know what can be done.

  28. Hi, I have moved into an affordable housing in Sohna District Gurgaon with about 75 families out of 1200 flats. The builder has imposed a maintenance charge of 1600 per flat per month, which is exorbitant for an affordable without providing any facilities though they had stated it is five years maintenance free. The builder also has given an electricity bill at 6.80 per unit which is again huge for an affordable without power backups. This society comes under PMKK. Please let me know if these charges are correct as most of us are lower middle class and purchased this property as we thought it will be less in recurring monthly expenses.

  29. Hi, I have moved into an affordable housing in Sohna District Gurgaon with about 75 families out of 1200 flats. The builder has imposed a maintenance charge of 1600 per flat per month, which is exorbitant for an affordable without providing any facilities though they had stated it is five years maintenance free. The builder also has given an electricity bill at 6.80 per unit which is again huge for an affordable without power backups. This society comes under PMKK. Please let me know if these charges are correct as most of us are lower middle class and purchased this property as we thought it will be less in recurring monthly expenses. All the residents are not willing to pay such a huge amount. Please advice what steps can be taken against the builder who never revealed all this info to us before purchasing the property.

  30. Hi, I have booked a plot in Raheja aranya city. Paid 10% and when my loan was approved they inform us that NOC is not available for that particular unit, on the contrary they inform us that the project is ready for delivery at the time of booking. We are dealing with Parvez and Krishna there who never answers the call and if you call the customer service they always promise a call back. We went to their office in Raheja mall several times and they make you wait for at least 2 hrs before anyone can attend to your issue. No definite timelines have been shared with us on NOC arrival and they have no reply when we talk about compensation as the delay is from builders side, on this they only have same reply every time “we will get back to you”. I would like to file a complaint against them in rera. Can some one please help me with the process.

  31. I have applied in Haryana Govt affordable house Schema. As per the Builder & buyer agreement, there is no maintenance charge till 5 year from date of possession. But builder now send multiple demand letter for maintenance change and not allow for registry and possession process with paying conditional charges. Also during the installments, builder has been demanded more amount with applied 9% GST which was not applicable for affordable house as per Govt rule. Kindly help us and do needful to get resolved our request.

    1) Incorrect GST charges applied on affordable house schema.

    2) Demanding maintenance change which had free till 5 year data of possession based on builder & buyer agreement .

    Builder Office Address :

    Ramsons Kshitij


    SECTOR 47 , GURGAON 122001

    T- 0124- 4264105

    M – 91- 9810620664

    Emails: / /

    Construction Address:

    Address: Pataudi Rd, Sector 95, Gurugram, Haryana 122505

    Phone: 095552 60260

  32. can a third party, having no direct relationship with the project under Rera Act, file a complaint under Rera Act

  33. I booked a flat in July 2017 in affordable housing sector -102 gurgaon. They also took 2 lacs as parking charges but not they refused to give any parking space. They provided letters on name of a company which are doing their construction work. Please advice what to do. thanks

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