Prior to the RERA Act coming into force, the real estate sector in India was mostly unregulated, with no standardization of business operations or transactions. Due to a lack of a legal framework, home buyers/allottees were often confronted with issues such as project delays, price increases, and poor building quality.

Specialization and Activity: Unravelling their Impact on Real Estate Market Results

The impact of real estate agent specialization and activity level on market outcomes is significant. Specialization allows agents to develop expertise in their chosen field, leading to better-informed decisions and improved market outcomes for clients.

Effects of GSTN under PMLA Act

The integration of GSTN with the PMLA would make it easier for different authorities to work together, which is essential for preventing money laundering and maintaining the integrity of the GST system.

The best time to file a case under RERA is NOW

RERA was implemented to acknowledge and solve discrepancies and issues of home buyers. By establishing rules for the sale of real estate and requiring developers to adhere to certain criteria, it protects the interests of homebuyers.

Corporate Social Responsibility and its Insolvency

In the past few decades, business leaders as well as philosophers came up with a new phenomenon which is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Under CSR Businesses are responsible to the society that exists around them. And under CSR only it becomes their moral duty to safeguard that society and help that society to grow.

Newly Specified Timelines by MCA for Speeding up Merger Approvals

MCA has specified the timeline to speed up the process of Fast Track Mergers. Earlier there was no time limit for Official Liquidators and Registrar of Companies to give objections and suggestions to the CG and CG to pass the confirmation order of the scheme of merger and amalgamation.