Fake Advertisements to lure homebuyers

A simple deal will never have special promises which can’t be fulfilled. It’s a usual tendency for a common man to get lured by special offers but you have to keep in mind that no one is spending a penny from their pockets for doing something extra for you.

Filing Appeal under RERA

In order to file appeals under RERA, the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (“REAT”) was formed under section 43 of RERA, which examines the legality of RERA orders and determines whether to uphold or reverse the order. The REAT order can also be challenged before the Hon’ble High Court by filing an appeal.

UPRERA orders completion of stalled projects after joint proposal

Homebuyers may have delayed projects completed under the aegis of the AoA, under the model formulated under Section 8 of RERA. Joint proposal of ASGI Properties Pvt Ltd and ASG Apple 7 Buyers Association, authorised the developer to complete the stalled project.

How to choose between RERA and NCDRC?

The Hon’ble Supreme Court’s decision is a watershed moment for homebuyers and allottees. A number of findings in the current judgment support this conclusion, including parallel remedies under RERA and the Consumer Protection Act.

NCLAT rules that telecom spectrum can be subjected to IBC proceedings

NCLT clarified many controversial legal issues surrounding telecom spectrum, including whether it could be subjected to IBC proceedings whether the bankrupt telcos could sell spectrum rights allotted to them as part of the IBC resolution process.