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Register as “Homebuyer” and Join other homebuyers in your project, to join hands for the legal remedy against the default by the builder


Please register at 👆 Pointing Up Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z link to join other people in the same project so that you can take the legal advice and other legal support as a Group.

“Taking matter in group is always better than individual”

If you are aggrieved as Home-buyer against the builder, then you can join other buyers


There are multiple projects which are either stopped or delayed, due to the reason, homebuyers are not able to locate each other, all the legal issues are not being used. There may various reasons for such delay.

– – Non-delivery of Project

— Extra-ordinary delay in handover of the booked units

The project has been abandoned

— Construction has been stalled or any other issue

Or any other issue


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