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As you would be aware that The Real Estate (Regulations & Development) Act, 2016 (REDA) has commenced from 1st May 2017. The said Act was made effective from 1st May 2016. Among other, the said Act lays down the registration requirements, compliances and penalties in case of violation for real estate projects and real estate agent.

As per section 84 of said Act, every State/Union Territory was required to make rules for the proper implementation of the provision of this Act, within 6 months from effective date of this Act. The last date 31/10/2016 has gone back but the rules for many States have not be notified.

Further, as per section 20 of said Act, every State/UT were required to constitute ‘Real Estate Regulation Authority’ within 1 year from the effective date of the Act. However, even after a lapse of 1 year, major the States have not constituted the RERA.

For your kind perusal, we are making State-wise Status of RERA:

S. No. State RERA Rules RERA Authority Registration Status
1. Delhi Yes Yes Registration Started
2. Andaman & Nicobar Yes
3. Chandigarh Yes
4. Dadra & Nagar Yes
5. Daman & Diu Yes
6. Lakshadweep Yes
7. Puducherry Yes
8. Andhra Pradesh Yes
9. Bihar Yes Yes Registration started
10. Gujrat Yes
11. Uttrakhand Yes
12. Karnataka Yes
13. Kerala Yes
14. Maharashtra Yes
15. Madhya Pradesh Yes
16. Odisha Yes
17. Rajasthan Yes
18. Uttar Pradesh Yes
19. Punjab Draft Rules
20. Haryana Draft Rules
21. Himachal Pradesh Draft Rules
22. West Bengal Draft Rules

As per the REDA Act, States or UT which are notified the REDA Rules and formulated Authority were required to start online facility for registration and displaying the information for the general public to increase transparency and accuracy. However, only 3 State has so far prepared online portal for displaying and getting registration.

Please note that this article is for education purpose only. This is based on our research and information and stand correct on any particular date. We would not be liable for any loss due to reliance placed on this article.   

Author – CA Amarpal, 9717105008

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