Fake Advertisements to lure homebuyers

A simple deal will never have special promises which can’t be fulfilled. It’s a usual tendency for a common man to get lured by special offers but you have to keep in mind that no one is spending a penny from their pockets for doing something extra for you.

Arbitrary Builder-Buyer Agreements

We often talk about the rapid growth of the real estate sector in India but forget to talk about the legal documents that play a very crucial role in the aforesaid sector. And builder buyer agreement is one of the most important documents for homebuyers.

Can homebuyers approach the Supreme Court under Article 32 against developers?

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in its latest judgement dated February, 11 2021 declared that the proceedings under Article 32 of the Constitution by a purchaser, seeking relief in respect to a real estate project cannot be entertained.

Filing Appeal under RERA

In order to file appeals under RERA, the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (“REAT”) was formed under section 43 of RERA, which examines the legality of RERA orders and determines whether to uphold or reverse the order. The REAT order can also be challenged before the Hon’ble High Court by filing an appeal.

Recent actions by HRERA

Haryana RERA, Gurugram took some important decisions with respect to the sale of apartments on the basis of carpet area and not super area. It’s a usual real estate practice followed by the developers to cheat homebuyers by selling the units on the basis of super area. Let’s first talk about carpet area and super area.

MahaRERA- Right to reserve and cancel the reservation of the Flat

Maharashtra Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (MahaRERA) observed in an order of Dinesh R. Humane V/s Piramal Estate Private Ltd., that could offer relief to many flat allottees that the right to reserve a flat includes the right to cancel the reservation.