Disposal of RERA Complaints in 60 Days: HRERA


HRERA: In what is probably going to bring some relief to unhappy city homebuyers who have been quite agitated over the postponement in delivery of flats, KK Khandelwal, the recently selected chairperson of the state’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) on Tuesday said that the board on his watch would endeavor to resolve all the complaints within the stipulated time of 60 days.

The RERA chairperson gave some hope to the affected homebuyers after taking charge on Tuesday. The three-member RERA board, which is right now working out of the PWD rest house, additionally includes SC Kush and Samir Kumar.

Residents, who have frequently regretted the absence of information on projects registered with the RERA, said that they have some hope that the new board will do them justice and bring the details in general public domain.

Khandelwal stated, that they are compelled by a sense of honor to convey justice to affected parties (homebuyers) within the stipulated time of 60 days. When they receive complaints, they will send notification to respondents and fix dates for hearing, he also mentioned that he has a group of experts to enable complainants to file complaints in the correct format.

Khandelwal, who retired as the state’s additional chief secretary, early this month said that their duty is to have a balanced approach towards real estate and build up a healthy atmosphere by resolving all the complaints.

The RERA board is conducting its business on the ground floor of the PWD rest house and complainants are allowed to approach the authority to submit their grievances. The expert has set up a help desk to enable inhabitants to file complaints.

Kush stated, one of the individuals on the RERA board, stated that the staff is there to help occupants to record complaints in the correct format. They dispatch an online system of filing complaints in the following couple of weeks. In any case, till then, they will just acknowledge complaints that are filed physically.”

However, in the absence of an online system of filing and disposal of complaints at present, the residents said they don’t have much hope for relief.

Gurgaon Citizens’ Council (GCC), a city-based public representative body of licensed colonies, has effectively moved Punjab and Haryana high court seeking implementation of RERA rules laid down by the Center.

RS Rathee, president, GCCm, said that The hearing for the case is on February 20 and they hope the Haryana government will incorporate 800 projects that are not registered with the RERA, as the developers have obtained part completion certificates. The Bombay high court has effectively ruled out part completion as the reason for exemption from RERA registration. Currently, only 254 projects from Haryana are registered with RERA.

Gaurav Prakash, originator individual from Dxp (Dwarka Expressway) Welfare Association, a group of homebuyers who have put resources into 50 new lodging ventures, stated, “Unless the Haryana government puts the points of interest of tasks enrolled with RERA in the general population area through the online framework, we don’t have much any expectation of a break. We trust the legislature will get that going.”

A founder member of Dxp (Dwarka Expressway) Welfare Association, a body of homebuyers, Gaurav Prakash, who have invested money in 50 new housing projects, stated that unless the Haryana government puts the information of projects registered with RERA in the public domain through the online system, they don’t have much hope of a relief. They are hopeful that the government will make that happen.


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  1. what is the remedy if a builder has secured part completion certificate by fraudulent means , defective sewerage , defective drainage, defective rain water harvesting system , very 2 poor construction of villas and flats and defective stp . Not registered the project with hrera yet.

    1. Even if CC has been secured, the same can be challenged before the respective appellate authority. There has been recent judgment where even complete certificate has been granted, it can be challenged. For more details, please mail us at rera@centrik.in

  2. I have a case running for the past 6 months in RERA Gurugram. only the infrastructure has changed. rest all remains the same. date after date. This is a new source of revenue for everyone except poor buyers who line up just to hear the next date or the developers lawyer has not came and did not even bother to inform the court. There is a great tilt towards developers and the representatives as if they are the one’s who has lost their hard earned money. I can see poor senior citizens who are losing hopes after 5 or 6 th hearing with no respite in sight. These delay tactics and rera attitude is favorable to developers. Just want to share first hand experience.

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