RERA Registration in Noida


The “Real Estate (Regulatory & Development) Act, 2016 has commenced from 01/05/2017 which require every real estate project and real estate agents to register with State RERA Authority.

Noida is a very prime location in Delhi NCR and witnessed a major development in the real estate sector. It is among the top growing city in India and State of Uttar Pradesh. There are a lot of landmarks real estate project which is either ongoing or about to start.

The State of Uttar Pradesh has notified RERA Rules on 27/10/2016. However, after the appointment of new BJP Government, it has been conveyed that New government is working on some changes in the said Rules.

Having its own fast growth and real estate charm, Noida deserve a separate analysis of RERA registration requirement stating related State Regulations, which is as under;

Who is required to get RERA Registration?

  1. Every Promoter:
  • The contractor for construction or demolition of building, plot etc.
  • Developers of land
  • Any development authority or public body who construct or sold building, plot
  • State-level or primary co-operative housing societies
  • Holder of power of attorney for sale from the land owner
  1. On-going project as on 01/07/2017 where completion certificate has not been received.
  2. Every agent who assists in sell/purchase of any RERA registered real estate project

RERA Fees and procedures

For Real Estate Project – The RERA registration fees shall be based on the land area to be developed

  • For commercial projects
    1. 20 per square meter for projects where the area of land proposed to be developed does not exceed 1000 square meters; or
    2. 1000 per hundred square meters or part thereof where the area of land proposed to be developed exceeds 1000 square meters.
  • For residential or any other project
    1. 10 per square meter for projects where the area of land proposed to be developed does not exceed 1000 square meters; or
    2. 500 per hundred square meters or part thereof where the area of land proposed to be developed exceeds 1000 square meters

For Real Estate Agent – The RERA registration fees for Real estate agent for Noida shall be Rs. 25,000/- for individual and Rs. 2,50,000/- for person other than individual

Time limit for RERA Registration – the time limit is as under;

    1. For On-going project – within 3 months i.e 31/07/2017
    2. For New project – before any advertisement or sell or booking
    3. For real estate Agent – before any transaction

Author – Team, RERA Consulting  –

For, Centrik Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Note – Please note that the above article is part of our continuous research on the related matters. It is based on our interpretation of related regulations which may differ person to person. Readers are expected to take expert opinion before relying on above.


  1. I am a proprietary firm wants to register, where to contact.. Please let me know. Chetan 9811543941

  2. I want to seek the help of RERA for getting justice. How do I file a complain for increase in FSI in last phase when possession is due. Captain Harinder Singh

  3. Dear Sir /Madam, pls help.

    Yesterday I went to pay my last installment of appx Rs 4.5 lakh for my house. The project has been delayed by 3 years plus. I am nearing retirement…last posting in Delhi.

    The builder 3C came up with a bomb shell and indicated an increase in Super built up area by 250 sq feet, and hence an increase in all type of payments on possession. An amount equal to 14.96 lakh….to be paid before taking over possession.

    No prior intimation of FSI increase… Yes during dscn with rep of 3c he quoted a clause for increase in FSI by builder, in the agreement. The agreement s are always builder friendly and I have become a a victim of the same.
    Thereo intimation of the same in the last 7 (seven) years of any change in FSI. He has delayed the project and his enggs tell me that a delay of another 6 months likely. His move to increase FSI is to avoid his delayed project payment compensation to me.

    How and what all, can I seek for accountability and *reversion of forceful FSI increase* when nothing has actually increased on ground…. Pls advise. We have been cheated as at this age /stage we cannot get additional loan, nor will we be in a capacity to pay in short notice. That’s the only house for us. Regards.

    1. Dear Sir,

      we understand your issue and the legal remedy would depend upon the complete fact, the clauses of builder buyer agreement and other. You can still go to Consumer Court. Further, you can also file the complaint before State RERA as per prescribed process. Please note that this is our general opinion based on your facts. You are expected to take expert opinion before taking any step.

  4. Dear Sir, I had booked a flat in Amrapali Liesure park Gr. Noida in 2010. Amrapali charged full payment, signed post dated cheques for 3 years as a mentainance charges and dd in favour of greater noida authority @rs 50 per square feet for the payment of farmers in Feb 2016 saying that we are giving you noc and within 3 months we will give you possession. But till day no further work is in progress. Please suggest me what action should i take because this time neither government officials nor builder is helping to the buyers

    1. Dear Sir, our article is for general education purpose only. Your query is specific to the facts and circumstances. Please send your complete details at so that our RERA team can work on it.

  5. I booked a flat in sector 70″ Noida in year 2014 I. E. BLESSED HOME. The promoters ‘ V5 group Mr Vipul Arora ran away and taken over by new promoter Titania Group. Now these promoters are pressing for rest of amount as per their own agreement without showing legal documents from Noida development authority. Can anyone help me to say what we should do now. We had already paid 50% money in 2014.

  6. Plz tel me how i search which project are under rera ?i buy flat ajnara khel gaov but i cant check it z under rera or not.plz tel me link sothat i can check

    1. To check the RERA registration, we need to check with the respective builder or check from State RERA portal or office.

  7. Respected sir
    we are waiting for more than seven years for our home and suffering badly.also paid 50%money .today homes builder is Not building our homes. a Shubhakamna Builders sector 79 noida

  8. Hi Cebtrik Team,

    I am planning to buy a Flat in Greater Noida for Project “MIGSUN WYNN” by Mahalakshmi Builders. I have only UP RERA NO, and I asked them for more cancelled documents such as Sale deed, Title Search, CC etc but I was told that They cannot give Xerox/cancelled property documents. In such case I want to verify their documents from a legal Advisor about documents factuality and correctness.

    Please suggest Me, how to verify their documents ans shall I go a head with Builder-Buyer agreement.


  9. महोदय जी मैंने एक मकान लिया JKG Builders दिनांक ०५/१०/२०१६ को लिया था लोन की किश्त ४०८८७ दे रहा हूँ अभी तक ना मकान मिला ना अब बिल्डर किश्त दे रहा है बिल्डर ने ख़ुद काहा था कि मैं किश्त दूँगा मुझे अब मकान नही अपने पैसे चाहिये कृपया मेरा बैलेन्स पैसे दिलाने कीं कृपा कीगिए बिल्डर मरने पिटने पर की बात करता है

  10. I had booked a flat in Gaur City with 50 K amount on 27th March 2018
    now i dont want to take a flat because of loan issue
    and Investor Clinic denied for money return
    Kindly support me with suggestion.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I had booked a flat in Lotus Boulevard of 3C group in December 2012. In the agreement, signed with Granite Gate Properties Ltd. they assured to give delivery of flat by March 2015. But, till today there is no hope of delivery. On enquiry we came to know that the tower in which our flat is there, the work has been stopped as the labour has gone on strike, the 3C group has stopped paying wages to them. We do not know when we shall get our completed flat. How to approach and whom to approach to ensure early completion of the flat. We have paid almost 95% of the cost of the flat with all the instalments in time.

  12. I tried filing a complaint through RERA site noida. In the end it asked me to upload receipts and docs. I took photos and tried to upload but I got a message that it should be in PDF format. I tried calling the numbers given but all were non-existant. The site is defective.

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