Our methods are very legal and professional which are applied on the basis of facts and circumstances. For each of understanding, our methodology can be categorized in the following models which depend on your needs.

Parallel Measures

This is a set of measures which are applied along with the sales process. It may comprise of Debtor Report, drafting of terms & conditions, collateral or LOU/LOI etc.


The main motive is to safeguard of relationship along-with of recovery of debts as we understand that the debtor is ultimately a customer of our client and thus, we perform when the debtors are unable to make the payment during the permissible credit period. The method will involve sending Legal Notice, Filing a F.I.R. and Complaining to the regulator about the mal practices being undertaking by the debtor before heading to the court.


It comprises legal actions depending upon the applicable laws. Our attorney is given full freedom to take all posible legal actions. The purpose of debt litigant is to compel the debtor to come forward for settlement by influencing them as much as we can, but with prior intimation to the client and after obtaining their consent.

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