Veracity of advertisement

Section 2(b) of the Real estate (regulation and development) act, 2016 (herein after referred to as ‘the act’) defined the meaning of the term ‘advertisement’ as ‘any document described or issued as advertisement through any medium and includes any notice, circular or other documents or publicity in any form, informing persons about a real estate project, or offering for sale of a plot, building or apartment or inviting persons to purchase in any manner such plot, building or apartment or to make advances or deposits for such purposes’.


Data Protection Act passed in the Rajya Sabha dated 09.08.2023. The Act came into effect on 11th August 2023. The Act will be applicable to the handling of digital personal data processed in India, whether the data is obtained online or offline and then converted to digital form.

Arbitral Tribunals Made Simple: A Layman’s Guide to their Power and Functions

When disputes arise between parties in a business or legal context, there are various ways to resolve them. One effective method is arbitration, where an impartial and independent body, known as an arbitral tribunal, is appointed to settle the dispute outside of traditional court proceedings.

Online Filing And Processing Of Application For Export Of SCOMET Items

Presently applications for export of SCOMET items are to be mandatory filed online using digital signature as per Para 2.73 (b) of the Handbook of Procedures of FTP 2015-20. The requisite documents in respect of these applications continue to be submitted manually at present.