Appointment of Liquidator and his fees- Recovery of bad debts

Liquidation of Corporate Persons can also be considered as an effective method of recovering bad dues. Lately Insolvency Code has taken a trend in the business sector.

Entries in balance sheet amounts to acknowledgement of debts

The Supreme Court overturn decision of the a 5-Judge Bench order of the NCLAT that balance sheet entries do not amount to the acknowledgment of a debt and thus do not extend limitation under Section 18.

Harassment by Recovery Agents

Harassment by the bank and agents are situation which makes an individual suffer through mental and sometimes physical damage too. Keeping such situation in mind a conduct is been laid for the agents to perform under.

Recovery of Money in a Speedy Manner

Money matters are a sensitive issue for everyone involved in the business as nobody would want to leave or lose their hard-earned money like that.

Proceed to NCLT for recovery of dues under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

To initiate recovery procedure one can approach the National Company Law Tribunal which exercises the power to dispose cases under Insolvency Code.

Sound Financial Status of a Company for framing Debt Recovery Policies- Presales Research

Here we will briefly discuss about the sound financial status of a Company and how it can have a positive impact on framing Debt Recovery policies.

Pre Sales Market Research- Active/Dormant status of a Company for framing Debt Recovery policies

A detailed article where we discuss about the status of a company and how it can influence in framing debt recovery policies.