Formation and composition of the committee of creditors under IBC, 2016

The Committee of Creditors (CoC) is the preeminent dynamic body in a Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP). Choices with respect to the organization of the corporate borrower are taken at the gatherings of the Committee, in light of a dominant part vote of the individuals.


The Committee of Creditors (CoC) has complete wisdom and right to decide the fate of the company under CIRP. Lets understand all about Committee of Creditors under Insolvency Laws

Decisions taken by the committee of Creditors are Business plans which are Non-Justiciable: NCLAT

As per the settled law there is no law or provision which states that either the Adjudicating or the Appellate Authority has the powers to question the resolution plan approved by the COC until and unless the same is barred by some irregularity. 

Allotees are Financial Creditors : Supreme Court

Under Section 7 of the IBC, this amendment allowed the home buyer to initiate insolvency proceedings against defaulting Promoters. However, the Insolvency Amendment 2018 was challenged in the Supreme Court of India by approximately 200 realtors.

Is IBC unfair to Operational Creditors?

Homebuyers are now considered financial creditors, whereas operational creditors, who are from the business world, may have a better understanding of the industry but still lack those rights.

New IBC Amendments in work likely to benefit creditors in cases of Cross Border Insolvency

The IBBI has disclosed that work is in progress to amend the IBC to make it compliant with cross border insolvency processes.

Homebuyers approach parliamentary committee against ordinance infringing their rights to approach NCLT

Forum for People’s Collective Efforts, has approached the parliamentary standing committee on finance with its objection to a proposed amendment to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

Relief for Creditors: Time taken under SARFAESI to be Excluded for Limitation Act

Order deliverd by NCLAT is a relief for creditors to invoke the jurisdiction of IBC and seek appropriate redressal for their long-awaited grievances against the debtor.

Recognition of Home Buyers as Financial Creditors under IBC

Home buyers are vital stakeholders in building projects. Many home buyers book their property in advance which helps builders raise funds for construction and development of the project.

Maintaining the balance of interests of all the creditors

It is to be understood that the objective of IBC is not to provide benefit only to selective creditors but to protect the interests of all the stakeholders.

Promoters and Shareholders Promoters are not Creditors under IBC

The shareholders and promoters are not the creditors and thereby the resolution plan cannot balance the maximization of the value of assets of the corporate debtor

Why closing-in-queue creditors report maximum insolvency lawsuits in India

Indiaʹs new financial disaster law is getting most traction from an uncommon set of lenders, people with the least to benefit from pushing corporations into the insolvency process. Operational or unsecured creditors, who have dues that are not backed via any collateral, might be los angeles st in queue to be repaid once an insolvency … Continue reading “Why closing-in-queue creditors report maximum insolvency lawsuits in India”

Insolvency Process starts against Rohtas Projects

This article is all about the insolvency process which has been initiated which may include filing of claims, acceptance of claims, making of the committee of creditors and resolution plan

Status of Homebuyers under IBC and its Mechanism

Homebuyers who have been assured of committed returns from the developer could trigger IBC as a financial creditor under section 7 whereas all the homebuyers have been granted the right to represent themselves as a participant of the committee of creditors.