IT Department To Investigate Those Who Changed Returns After Demonetisation

Several steps are being taken after the ban on black money to tighten the currency. Now the Income Tax Department is engaged in identifying those who make changes in ITR after the ban, after which they will be examined. The department is investigating more than 30,000 cases of alleged tax evasion. Meanwhile, the base of taxpayers in the country has increased to 6.26 crore.

Chandra told reporters during a show that the case of comparison of filing ITR after 8th November last year was made when it was done with earlier records. The action is being taken in these cases. They said, after the first phase of ‘Operation Clean Money’, it was found that some taxpayers did not give information to all the bank accounts and to the officials. The department is contacting those whose bank accounts have been deposited in cash in suspicious manner after the cancellation.

The entry rate in India is 5% which is one of the lowest rates in the whole world. Speaking on the recently implemented benami transaction (prohibition) law, he said that attachments of Rs 840 crores have been made in 233 cases. He told about many shell companies having an anonymous property. They also talked about taking action in such cases. With this, he said that the number of income tax payers in the country increased to 6.26 crore by the end of last financial year, which was about four crore earlier. They called it a big jump in numbers.

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