Changes in Reserve Unique Service (RUN)

As we all are aware that the government has recently launched a web service RUN (Reserve Unique Name) for reserving name of a proposed company to improve ease of doing business in the country w.e.f 26th January, 2018

Through this new RUN web-form, a company name can be reserved very fast and in easy way. Even digital signature is not required for the same, there is no requirement to download e-form like INC-1. The person can apply for a name of his choice. However, only one name choice can be provided at a time.

IN RUN form there is no requirement of DSC but you will be able to apply for name reservation only after login.

Now, Ministry has made further changes as part of the continuous improvement of processes and providing greater ease to stakeholders and decided to permit two proposed names and one Resubmission (RSUB) while Reserving Unique Names for companies through the RUN web service.

After changes, Now RUN form has following features-

  1. RUN form gives the option for only one name for the company, unlike INC-1 which had a provision of six options for the company’s name.
  2. RUN form doesn’t require any Director Identification Number (DIN) or a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  3. The fees for RUN form is INR 1000, irrespective of whether the name is approved or not.
  4. The approved name is valid for up to 20 days and 60 days from the date of approval for a new company and an existing company, respectively.
  5. Two Name of the company can be proposed in the single application w.e.f. 24/03/2018
  6. One resubmission has been provided without paying any further fee w.e.f 24/03/2018

Hope this move of Ministry, will further ease the name approval process by allowing two names at a time and one resubmission without paying further fees.

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