Government of Assam Made Available Process Of Getting Provisional GSTIN

Government of Assam vide Circular no. 9/2016 dated 13/10/2016 had made available the procedure of getting provisional GSTIN.

The tax payer registered under VAT, CST, Entry tax, Luxury tax and entertainment tax need to be migrated to GST and all the existing registered tax payer will be allotted PAN based GSTIN on provisional basis.

Tax payer need to furnish their Mobile no. and Mail Ids by following the below procedures

1. log in to in

2. Click “e-services” ⇔ Click “e-return” ⇔ Put User-id and password & login.

3. Click “edit profile”.

4. Registration details updation.

5. Select “Act” from drop down menu. Registration Number will be auto populated. Then “submit”.

6. Dealer’s profile- Enter/edit mobile number, email id, update PAN number, name as per PAN and status of dealer
under the selected Act.

7. Click verify button.

8. Two different OTPs (One Time Password) will be sent to dealer’s registered mobile number and email id.

9. Enter the two OTP numbers.

10. Click “confirm”.

Tax payers not having User Id/password need to create it first by clicking on the link “create online dealer profile”.

Refer attached notification for more details.

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