Without Medical Certificate Employees can withdraw EPF

The Employees” Provident Fund Scheme 1952 is amended to do away with the requirement of submission of various certificates and proformas for seeking advance for treatment of illness and purchasing equipment required in case of physical disabilities.

Now you can withdraw EPF for treatment without doctor certificate. The subscribers can seek fund withdrawal from their EPF account on various grounds by using a composite form along with a self-declaration.

The Employees” Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) subscribers can seek advance under Para 68-J of the EPF Scheme for their and their dependents” treatment for illness. The advance under this Para 68-J was granted on only after receipt of certificate from employers or employees that the member or his dependent is not covered under the Employees” State Insurance Scheme facility and benefits.

Besides, the members were required to submit a certificate from a doctor of the hospital that the member or his dependent has been hospitalised or requires hospitalisation for one month or more, or that a major surgical operation had or has become necessary.

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