Rs.1.37 lakh crore of tax avoid detected over last 3 years

Law enforcement agencies have detected Rs.1.37 lakh crore worth of tax evasion, began criminal prosecution in 2814 cases, and have arrested 3,893 people in the last three years, according to a statement by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Concerted and coordinated actions of law enforcement agencies under the Department of Revenue have achieved phenomenal success in fighting the menace of black money during the last three years,” according to the CBDT statement. “The period has witnessed unprecedented enforcement actions in direct and indirect taxes.

According to the CBDT, it has conducted 23,064 searches or surveys, of which 17,525 were conducted on account of income tax, 2509 for customs, 1913 for central excise, and 1120 for service tax. More than Rs.1.37 lakh crore of tax evasion has been detected (Income Tax Rs.69,434, Customs Rs.11,405, Central Excise Rs.13,952, Service Tax Rs.42,727). Simultaneously, criminal prosecutions were launched in 2814 cases (Income Tax 1966, Customs 526, Central Excise 293, Service Tax 29) and 3893 persons were placed under arrest (Customs 3782, Central Excise 47, Service Tax 64),” according to the CBDT. More than 245 benami transactions have been identified under the Be hhhnami prohibition law and properties worth Rs.55 crore have been provisionally attached across 124 cases.

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