Filing of claims under IBC


Status as on- 15/05/2021

An Interim Resolution Professional (hereinafter referred to as “IRP”) is designated at the hour of affirmation of the application for inception of the corporate insolvency resolution process (hereinafter referred to as “CIRP”). The IRP at that point assumes control over the administration of the corporate borrower. The IRP may then proceed in the limit of a Resolution Professional (hereinafter referred to as “RP”) whenever supported by the Committee of Creditors (hereinafter referred to as “CoC”). The job of a RP principally involves putting forth attempts to track down the best goal plan for the corporate debt holder.


The primary undertaking of the IRP is to make a public announcement in leading newspapers to illuminate every one of the leasers regarding the corporate debtor. From there on, the lenders need to record their cases in the particular structures recommended by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (hereinafter referred to as “IBBI”) alongside every one of the reports to demonstrate their case against the corporate debt holder. After the receipt and check of cases presented by the banks, the IRP establishes the CoC.

Every one of the Financial Creditors who documented the case and acknowledged by IRP, will be essential for CoC and will be qualified for vote in CoC for the choice. On the off chance that any individual doesn’t document any case, he/she will not qualify for any case or part of CoC in the CIRP.


It turns out to be vital to comprehend why each leaser should record their cases? After the public declaration for calling of cases by the IRP has been presented and in defense anybody doesn’t document their cases then this implies that the corporate borrower doesn’t owe any sum or any case to the individual and can’t be remembered for the goal plan.

From there on, the IRP who has gotten and checked the cases of the lenders dependent on the records gave to him, the democratic offer is distributed to the bank as per the measure of guarantee due on the concerned corporate indebted person. The level of casting a ballot rights is straightforwardly relative to the measure of guarantee submitted and supported by the IRP.

Accordingly, an obligation is projected on each bank to record their cases quickly before the IRP. Just the loan bosses who are individuals from the CoC can decide on the goal plans presented by the goal candidates. When the goal plan is supported, the goal candidate will pay every one of the lenders according to the conditions of the endorsed goal plan.

According to IBC Laws and other legal professions by NCLAT, if any individual/leaser neglects to record the case before the goal plan, at that point his sum will not be paid or recognized by the organization or new goal organization. At the end of the day, the measure of obligation is relinquished.


It could be presumed that if any individual has any outstanding claims against an organization and the said organization has been exposed to CIRP, the primary thing that must be finished by such bank immediately is to document his/her cases before any IRP/RP.


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