NCLT Prescribes Dress Code for Members, Lawyers, RP, Authorized Representatives & Parties in Person


Status as on- 11/02/2023

On an order dated 27.01.2023, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) specified the dress code for NCLT President, NCLT Members, Legal Practitioners, Authorized Representatives, Interim Resolution Professional, Liquidator, Resolution Professional, and parties present in person. In India, NCLT was founded in 2016 according to the Companies Act, of 2013.

Dress Code in Indian Courts:

Dress Codes are important for maintaining decorum as well as for creating a formal atmosphere. They are symbols of respect for the court as well as for its proceedings. In India, generally, the dress code for the court is formal and conservative attire, for men, it should be a suit or formal shirt and trousers and for women, it should be a sari or a salwar kameez.

Dress Code for National Company Law Tribunal:

To showcase the seriousness and importance of the proceeding in the National Company Law Tribunal, it is important to have a dress code to be followed in the tribunal established by the Government of India. It is widely important to note that the dress code is to be followed by all officers in the court for the respect of the court.

The following dress code is prescribed in the order dated 27.01.2023 as the National Company Law Tribunal order dated 02.08.2016 and 14.11.2017 and in accordance with the Rule 16(f) of the NCLT Rules 2016  and section 402 of the Companies Act 2013 read with Rule 51 & Rule 124 of NCLT Rules 2016, are as follows:

Dress Code for President and Members:

For males- It shall be long trousers of white/black/black striped/ grey trousers with a white shirt and collar band along with a black coat or buttoned-up black coat.

For females- It shall be a sober-colored saree, national dress, and collar band with a black coat or buttoned-up black coat.

Dress code For Legal Practitioner:

The dress code for legal practitioners shall be as per the Code prescribed under the Bar Council of India Rules under Section 49(1)(gg) of the Advocate Act, 1961.

Dress Code For Authorized Representatives:

Every authorized representative be it a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary or Cost Accountant shall appear in a dress code prescribed under their respective code of conduct.

Dress Code For IRP/RP/Liquidator

For males – the dress shall be a sober-colored dress or a National Dress, a suit, or a buttoned-up coat and tie.

For females – the dress shall be sober colored saree or National Dress or suit or buttoned-up coat is optional

For Parties in Person

Proper dress code to be followed by the parties appearing in person either in National Dress or in any sober color to maintain the dignity and decorum of the NCLT.

In addition to the above NCLT also has followed a few rules lawyers shall wear black coats, a white shirt, and a white collar band, and coats to be of a particular length and without pockets along with this lawyers are required to wear a black or white tie. Visitors to the court are also required to follow the dress code while attending hearings. The above-required dress code is necessary to maintain the security of the proceeding.

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