Start-up India Hub Launched to Make Start-ups Succeed


India is the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem encircling the globe where start-ups are born every now and then. To click that the start-up succeeds Government will be contributing its support to the entrepreneurs.

A start-up India Hub was launched by the Union Commerce & Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. She believes that in a bit to strengthen the start-up ecosystem in the country, a virtual online platform for all stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India to discover, connect, and engage with each other

The initiative has leagued with the various organization to welcome entrepreneurs and investors and building knowledge module. The hub has also accumulated 50+ government schemes/programs and in near future, it will be taken to next platform by aggregating government schemes from various State Governments. The portal will anchor start-up, investors, funds, mentors, academia, incubators, accelerators, corporates, government bodies, and more. In an attempt to solve the problem of information asymmetry and lack of access to knowledge, tools, and experts, especially in the nascent ecosystems across tier II and III towns.

The focal point of the Hub is to ensure a dynamic and interactive platform that will facilitate learning and development, networking, mentorship, and funding for start-ups. It is also very crucial that the idea of the platform should reach to the right audience to cater offerings for the ecosystem.

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