What Is Form Delhi Sugam-2 In Short DS2 In DVAT?


To facilitate business in Delhi and to prevent evasion of taxes, Delhi Government has decided to introduce a new online form – Delhi Sugam-2 (DS2) with effect from 15th September 2015. This DS2 form has been introduced in place of earlier T-2 form. Form will be filed in a non interactive mode through online/SMS. The transporters/dealers won’t need to queue up for filling the form.
All registered dealers of Delhi are required to file the details of invoices and goods receipt note in respect of goods purchased or received as stock transfer from outside Delhi. The information in Delhi Sugam-2 (DS2) Form can be filed online or through SMS.

Only one DS2 form is required to be filed by a buyer for multiple invoices, multiple commodities and multiple sellers for goods being transported in one vehicle. Whereas in earlier T2 form dealer had to file separate T-2 form for each invoice and also for each seller.

The driver of the vehicle is required to carry a printout or SMS of DS2 reference/unique I.D. with him.


DS2 Form can be accessed by the link “Goods Movement (DS2)” under “login” on website/portal www.dvat.gov.in.

Step 1. Visit website: www.dvat.gov.in
Step 2. Click on link: ‘Goods Movement (DS2)’
Step 3. Use your login ID and Password to login
Step 4. Fill your details in the DS2 form.
Step 4. Click on ‘submit’ to submit the form, after successful submission you will receive a SMS on your registered mobile mentioning therein DS2 reference I.D. which you have to note for future reference.

The DS2 details can be alternatively filed, in a summary manner, through SMS on Mobile number 7738299899. The format of SMS for summary submission shall be as under:
DVAT DS2 Total amount of Invoice/Invoices Vehicle Number Likely date of entry in Delhi (dd/mm/yyyy)

Example: where total amount of invoice/invoices is 10000/-; Vehicle No. is DL-4C 2222; likely date of entry is 30thSeptember 2015
Send SMS as: DVAT DS2 10000 DL4C2222 30/09/2015

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