Prime Minister to count the GSTs in foreign travel to woo Investors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can keep the words of the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) in front of the world with emphasis on Germany, Russia and the United States.

Senior government officials told that giving information about government’s commitment to long-term big reforms to make business easier for India in these foreign tours would be an important part of Modi’s agenda. “It shows that the central government can take big decisions for the betterment of the environment for foreign investors,” an official said.

At the same time, he said that these measures are being done in the environment of political stability, which makes India’s strong credibility when compared to big countries like China. There is great interest in the GST in the Western countries. It is being seen as a major indication of the political will of the Government of India regarding reforms. Modi will start his tour from May 29 to June 3, traveling from Germany, Spain and Russia. He is scheduled to visit America in the last week of June, where he will make his first meeting with US President Donald Trump. He will return to Germany for a G-20 summit in July.

India wants to strengthen its relations with Germany, which is considered to be a major economic power in Europe. In Spain, Modi can make a technology partnership in the defense sector. In Russia, Modi will be the Guest of Honor at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). In this Russia-led forum, Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin will address more than 5,000 influential political leaders, economists and businesswomen.

Sources said that the purpose of Modi’s trip to America is to increase identity with Trump. Modi had a very good relationship with former US President Barack Obama. Since becoming Prime Minister of Modi, there were many meetings between the two leaders. The two countries had also made several agreements to increase mutual cooperation in many areas. The G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, is being said to be very important for the global trade. The Government expects that Modi’s visit to America, Germany and Russia before this summit will help India present its vision in a better way. Some important decisions related to Global Trade can be taken in the summit.

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