TIN Requirement in Sales Business


Taxpayer Identification Number which is issued by the Commercial Tax Department of the respective state in which the applicant has applied. The TIN is one of important registration if you are into the business of manufacturing, traders, exporters or dealers. Basically, TIN number is a requirement of Local VAT laws or Central Sales Tax laws. You should need to mention the TIN number on all Quotations/Orders/Invoices by both purchaser and seller.

Normally, people mistakenly understand that TIN or VAT registration number are different, but it is not so. TIN and VAT registration number is the same thing. When Sales are made within the state then only TIN is also called as VAT number. TIN is used to track the transaction of the business enterprise.

“Tax Information Network” is an initiative made by Tax Department of India to make the seamless process of collection, processing, accounting and monitoring of all direct taxes online. Under this network, Govt. of India wants to have a single network of all tax related information, that can be accessed from anywhere in the country. The intent behind TIN is to integrate all tax-related information at a single place.

TIN is the identity of the dealer. TIN is the 11 digit number and unique throughout the country. Let’s understand how this number is formed:

First 2 characters represent the state and the rest 9 characters depend upon state to state.

TIN is the identification number of a dealer in the same way like PAN is used as the unique identity of the assessee under the Income Tax laws.

Documents required to apply TIN number:

Since TIN number is issued by the respective state, therefore documents vary from state to state and there are no standard procedures to apply for the TIN, but there are some common documents which are required in every state to apply for TIN number:

  • ID proof
  • Address Proof
  • Address proof of business entity
  • PAN card business enterprise or sole proprietor (in case of an Individual)
  • Security


There is no difference in VAT, TIN or CST number. Only one number is required for all type of sales. The tin number can be used for both inter-state sales and intra state-sales. Inter state sales mean the sales made from one state to another state whereas intra state sales made within the particular state.

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