For Start-ups private company registration is good idea


Most start-ups these days prefer to form a private limited company as it is more easy to them to raise capital through venture capitalists.

Moreover banks and other financial institutions also find it comfortable to lend to private companies than to partnership firms and sole proprietorships.

In this article, we have elaborated easy five Steps to form private limited company.

Documents Requirement

The directors and shareholders have to submit the below-mentioned copies

  • Copy of PAN card
  • Copy of passport (in case of foreign nationals / NRIs)
  • ID and Address Proof (in addition to PAN card)
  • Photo – passport size

For registration of office, below mentioned documents become necessary

  • Copy of bank statement/ electricity / gas / telephone bill (not older than 2 months)
  • Property deed (own property ) or Rental /Lease agreement copy (Notarised)
  • NoC from property owner.

A) Apply for Digital Signature Certificate:

Digital Signature is for using the signature in an electronic format and is required for filing the incorporation applications with the Registrar of Companies. Now MCA introduced e-Moa, and e-Aoa  for which we have to apply for DSC of all the subscribers to memorandum.

B) Apply for DIN

Director’s Identification Number is the unique identification number allotted to a person who intends to become a director of any company. After applying we need to apply for DIN no, of proposed directors if they don’t have in form- DIR-3.

C) Choosing a Company Name

Make sure that the Company name is unique and does not resemble the name of any other existing Company or LLP.

Now we can file form INC-1 for same or can use an integrated Spice form for name reserving. Through INC-1 we can propose six names unlike spice form (as only one name can be proposed in Spice form).

It is the most challenging task to decide the name of the company. Certain important points should be kept in mind for choosing an appropriate company name.

  1. It is easier to obtain a name if it depicts the objects of your company.
  2. In case of Technology based companies, use of a word which describes your electronic mode of operations is necessary. For eg: Technologies, InfoTech, e-solutions etc.
  3. The name should not include any word which is a registered trademark or has been applied for Trademark registration in the same class with same objectives.

So be careful while selecting the name of company.

D) Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association:

The Memorandum and Articles of Association form the constitution of the Company.

The Memorandum of Association is the primary document which contains clauses relating to the Main objects, location of registered office and the capital of the Company. The Articles of Association contain the broad guidelines, within the framework of law, to which the company is bound at all times.

Both these documents should be prepared carefully, taking legal help so that it is accurate from all perspectives.

 E) Filing Form Spice 32, Spice 33 and Spice 34

After all the above steps are completed, Spice 32, Spice 33 and Spice 34 has been submitted along with necessary attachments. This is the final step towards Company Registration.

After all the above steps are completed, Spice 32, Spice 33 and Spice 34 has been submitted along with necessary attachments. This is the final step towards Company Registration.

After uploading of documents If ROC finds everything in order, Certificate of Registration will be granted online.

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