Ok, Have your missed the deadlines for GST migration registration? Don’t worry! you would not be missed out!

And you know that is not hard to assess, the Government has loaded us with various financial changes at same time,

  • Demonetization kept us estimating the cash flow and get it for our daily needs.
  • there is revenue downtime in most of the sectors, temporary or permanent that is another chapter to discuss.
  • Discussions on GST laws are still pending
  • GST laws contain many points which have not been clarified or covered

Apart from above, any of the following specific reasons would have stopped you to complete the migration.

  1. PAN not verified – dealers whose PAN was not verified, were denied to allocate provisional ID and password by State VAT Authorities.
  2. Digital signature issue – there were some issues where digital signature were not being fixed.
  3. Lengthy Form and process – the GST migration registration form contain 8 different section for different informations which takes considerable time.
  4. Frequently logged out – Due to long form, the account was being logged out frequently.

Next Chance for GST migration registration

The next chance for GST migration would be as per section 166 of Revised GST Laws which is described as under:

  • On the day, when GST laws shall be implemented, every person registered under any earlier laws and having valid PAN shall be issued a certificate of registration on a provisional basis.
  • The above provisional registration shall be valid for 6 months or further period as may be prescribed, from the date of its issue.
  • Every such person to whom provisional registration is given, need to submit the documents within 6 months or such extended period as may be prescribed.
  • If such documents found to be true, the final registration shall be given, otherwise the provisional certificate shall be cancelled after following due prescribed procedure.

It is Important that every tax payer shall acquaint themselves with the process of enrolment and migration to GST. This would help for smooth switchover in GST regime without any department intervention.


Don’t worry! you would have another chance to migrate to GST regime. For any issue, please write back to us at Amarpal@centrik.in

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