Get your food business registered under FSSAI


FMCG sector is one of the fastest growing sector in developing and developed countries. It is one of the largest sector, governed under FSSAI standards and all the norms of FSSAI Licenses / Registration certificate are required to be complied with.

The registration Certificate are supported with the list of the food items, which are only permitted for the respective business(ess). In case, if any food items are not categorized in the Registration Certificate, then this will amount to be illegal business.

FSSAI License need for all kind of business whether it is manufacturer, retailer, distributor or warehousing. None of the business can function without FSSAI Licenses. It is classified in two categories i.e Central and State License.

A) Central License

It is issued centrally with all the location like offices / branches / manufacturing units / warehouses are included in the Annexure of the Registration Certificate.

In addition to the eligibility listed as per the production capacity, food operators has to take a central license for their head office if they have operations in more than one state.

B) State License

It is issued by the State Government. It is premise wise registration and if a company has more than one warehouse / factory in one state, separate FSSAI License is needed for each and every premise.

C) Documents for the registration of License-

 For Company:

1) Board Resolution authorizing Director / KMP to sign and execute the application form of FSSAI License

2) PAN of the Company (self attested)

3) Certificate of Incorporation (self attested)

4) Article and Memorandum (self attested)

5) Nomination form in Form IX

6) Category List of products (In form B)

7) Authority Letter .

8) Rent Agreement

9) Electricity Bill / telephone bill

10) NOC from the landlord

11) Floor layout of the premises (demark only the premises of the Company, if it is shared service provided)

12) Photographs of the Authorized Person along with the name plate of the Company displayed in the premises

Directors and Authorized Person:

1) PAN copy

2) Address Proof

3) Passport size photographs

4) List of Directors and Authorized person along with their signature (Residential Address, PAN and Mobile No is mandatory)

D) Validity of the License

License is valid for the one year from the Date of Issue of the License. However, by paying additional fees during the application, License can be obtained with validity of more than one year.

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