Few Steps to change your Company name


Don’t get worried. Things changes all the time. So do business names.

If your company name is outdated, too complicated, or for some other reason needs to be changed, you need to make sure to change the name with all of the government and other entities that have your current name on file.

Not only is this important for proper name recognition, but legally you cannot conduct business or sign contracts under a new name that is not properly registered.

We will guide you all in few simple steps-

A) Regulatory Body to deal with

1. Registrar of Company.

2. Service tax department (If applicable)

3. VAT department (If applicable)

4. Other departments if registered

B) Approvals (Ten Steps to change your company name)

1. Give in- principal approval for change in name of company by holding Board meeting.

2. Submit an application with ROC for name approval. Maximum six names can be submitted in order of preference after due care that proposed name should not be match with existing companies name registered in ROC or in trademark.(The name once approved by the ROC is valid for 60 days)

3.  After getting the approval of name by the Registrar of Companies, call another meeting of Board to discuss on name approved by ROC and for calling general meeting.

4. Hold extraordinary general by giving at least 21 clear days notice and pass Special Resolution.

5. File Special resolution to ROC within 30 days of passing it .

6. File Form for change the name of the company by obtaining approval of Central Government (Power delegated to Registrar of Companies).

7. After all the necessary forms and papers are filed and reviewed by the ROC, the ROC may require certain clarifications. These clarifications or enquiry need to be satisfied for obtaining approval of ROC.

8. Once all clarifications are provided, the New Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the ROC and the new name of the Company shall be deemed to be effective from the date of issue of certificate.

9. Apply for new pan card of the company by cancelling the existing one.

10. Amendment in form ST-1 or DVAT-07 or in other departments as the case may be.

After you have legally changed the name in the entity’s state of incorporation, don’t forget to also change the name with business service providers (i.e. banks, credit cards, payment processing accounts, etc.) and online business listings .

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