What is Trademark?

A trademark is a mark or name which gives your business a separate recognition and differ from others. Some of the example would be Coca-cola, Yahoo, Adidas, Microsoft etc. In order to sustain and eat fruits for your long hard-work, trademark is kind of must otherwise some other person may enjoy your outcome.

No, I am not exaggerating it, this is true, search on the internet about the company and their revenue from intellectual suits. As the competition is increasing with a very fast pace, the importance of intellectual rights would increase with double pace. Trademark can be a logo, symbol, or word which let you stand differently in the market. To get your trademark, your need to comply with legal procedure as prescribed. We can simplify the steps as under:

Trademark Search

There are many classes based on the nature of activities. You need to identify the class then search whether any existing registered trademark match with your proposed trademark.

Register your Trademark

Once the trademark search is over application filing can be done. The application should fill in the prescribed manner with the processing fee. The application can be filed in Registrar office having jurisdiction over State or Online. Following things must be there in the trademark application.

  • 1. Complete trademark Form
  • 2. Select Appropriate Class
  • 3. File with Trademark Authorities with applicable documents and prescribed fees
  • 4. Trademark registration completed

*Your trademark is registered in 1/2-1 years if no competitor objects to your trademark application.

How Litigation would be Handled?

Hold on, Filing trademark form and making requisite fees does not mean, you got your trademark. If your filed trademark resemble with existing or any other person compliant about such resemblance, then trademark authorities would send notice to you for explanation and you need to prove your differential otherwise you would be denied our trademark

How authorities will examine your Trademark Application

  • A. Trademark Allotment Number
  • B. Vienna Codification
  • C. Trademark examination
  • D. Trademark Application in journal

Being exclusive do matters for all, At Centrik we run a thorough check to make sure that your desired name or design has not already been taken or isn’t too similar to an already existing trademark. This check well ensures that are no issues & there are minimal chances of an objection being raised in the future.!!

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