With growing traffic and ease of communication operators faces a global crisis of maintaining the Quality of Service ( QoS ). Every call is important, no matter what the coverage is and wherever the user is. We aim at offering cost effective optimal performance to improve user perception by enabling mobile operators to drive service quality, maximize operational efficiency, reduce churn and develop revenues.


To help operator achieve acceptable QoS, we at Centrik offer a unique blend of Network Maintenance and Optimization Services. Our vendor independent real time OSS data based Network optimization tool helps optimize network and offers the least interfered frequency to every cell.


Network Tune (NT) has optimized networks across globe with smart intelligence to analyze interference from sites radiating even with Hardware of different vendor. Frequency plan generated using live OSS measurement guarantees accuracy of User behavior. Our simplified architecture enables ease of parsing OSS data.


NT’s inbuilt simulator analyses interference with every other cell (neighbor/ non-neighbor) so that least interfered frequency can be allocated. Various Frequency allocation constraints are also applied as per customer requirement to assure the sync of quality deliverable and improved user perception.




Is tool capable to handle all Technology network managed by Different Vendor Equipment.

Yes. Moreover tool has capability to create single project with different vendor inputs.

What are the benefits of implementing the Generated Frequency Plan?

With improved frequency reuse, interference reduces leading to improved QoS leading to better user perception thereby increasing customer revenue.

For how long the servers will store Customer Confidential data?

All the data is available till we submit the project closure report.

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