About RERA in Haryana

The Government of Haryana has vide its notification dated 28/07/2017 has notified final version of RERA Rules, 2017 for implementation of the provision of RERA Act, 2016.  Please find below the copy of RERA Rules notified on 28/07/2017.

Download the RERA notification in Haryana

Later, The Govt of Haryana has constituted 2 RERA authority for proper implementation of RERA Regulations.

(I) Gurugram RERA – Gurugram RERA would have jurisdiction only for the district of Gurugram. It would have a separate member of RERA authority and a separate set of Rules. Mr. K.K. Khandelwal has been appointed as chairman of Gurugram RERA authority.

(II) Panchkula RERA – Pankula RERA would have jurisdiction on rest of Haryana except the district of Gurugram. The Panchkula RERA would have the separate authority and set of regulations. Mr. Rajan Gupta has been appointed as chairman to Panchkula RERA.

RERA Haryana Forms for Developers

Particulars Read/Download
 Application Form for RERA Registration for Project – Haryana Download
Revised REP- 1 for Project Registration – Panchkula RERA Download
Revised Panchkula registration of project Regulations – Panchkula RERA Download
Revised REP-1 for Project Registration – Gurugram RERA Download
Revised Gurugram registration of project Regulations – Gurugram RERA Download
RERA Declaration Form- Haryana Download
Revised Document requirement for Project RERA registration Download
RERA registration – Documents Required Download
Complaint to RERA Authority in Haryana Download
Complaint to RERA Tribunal in Haryana Download
Complaint to Adjudicating officer Download
Revised Adjudication of Complaints Regulations, 2018- Panchkula RERA Download
Revised Adjudication of Complaints Regulations, 2018 – Gurugram RERA Download

RERA Haryana forms for Agent

The RERA registration of Real Estate Agent shall be given by the RERA having jurisdiction on the district of Haryana where the agent office is situated.

Particulars Read/Download
 RERA Registration Application Form for Agents in Haryana Download
 RERA registration Forms – Documents Required Download


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Note – Please note that the above article is for education purpose only. This is based on our interpretation of laws which may differ person to person. Readers are expected to verify the facts and laws.


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