We invite the experts or qualified professional to share their articles and research in the field of GST. We all know the history and future of biggest tax reform by GST. We can summarise the proposal as under:


–          Such article or research shall be published on our website www.centrik.in  as blog/article.

–          We would the best articles on our social media page and promote to get the maximum traffic.

–          Best articles for week shall become part of our newsletter which is circulated to 5000+ business owners or management across India.

–          Any opportunity in GST shall be shared with the respective person.

–          The profile of respective professional shall be published under our team.

–          Any specific query or assignment with regard to the expert shall be discussed and shared with him.

About Centrik

–          Centrik Business Solutions (www.centrik.in ) is a group of experts to provide one-stop expertise solution in the field of Government, Legal, Tax, Business and Cross Border.

–          Centrik is assisted by unique software to manage queries and assignments

–          Our experts include Advocate, Retired Judicial persons, Ex-Government official, CA, CS, CPA etc

–          Our network spread across 40 cities in India

–          Around 15 articles or updates is published every week.

–          Our newsletter is aimed to target the table of 10000+ business owner.

–          Separate department for business development.

–          Ensure quality to clients and timely fees to experts.

We would welcome your research. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact at amarpal@centrik.in or 9717105008

For empanelment on Centrik as expert, please fill the details  https://centrik.in/become-an-expert/


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