Our country is an agricultural economy where more than 60 percent of the population depends upon the agriculture for their livelihood.Being this big economy in the agriculture sector the demand of fertilizers remains in market all the time as it plays an vital role to increase the fertility of the land. By virtue of this the trading and manufacturing of fertilizers attracts many businesses as it can fetch them big profits.

To start the fertilizer business the one who intends to start it must look to obtain Fertilizer License.

Fertilizer License

The definition of Fertilizer as per Fertilizer Control Order, 1985 means any substance used or intended to be used as Fertilizer and also specified in the schedule of the Order.

Any dealer who is dealing or wishes to deals in fertilizer’s and if the same is also falling under the purview of the definition then dealer shall take the Fertilizer license.

Concerned Authority

The concerned authority for Fertilizer license is Controller of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

Documents Required for Fertilizer License

    1. Permanent account number (PAN)
    2. Permanent Resident Certificate.
    3. Qualification Certificate Form ‘O’ (Source Certificate) from the principals.
    4. Site Plan with Map (Premises Verification)
    5. Bank balance (Rs. 50,000/-)
    6. Advertisement / Paper cutting
    7. Treasury fee ( Rs. 1250/- (for Retail) / Rs. 2250/-

Procedure for obtaining Fertilizer License

  1. Preparation of all the above-mentioned documents.
  2. Submission of all the documents to the concerned office.
  3. Payment of Requisite fee.

Benefits of Fertilizer License

  1. Expansion of Business: Dealing in Fertilizers is a very tedious task and buyers only purchase from the dealers who have some credibility so if any entity dealing in fertilizers has this license can expand easily as there will be no trust or quality issue.
  2. Competitive Advantage: Obtaining this license provide an edge to the dealers against those rivals who are not aware about this registration or may have not obtained it so at very early stage registered dealers can outplay them.



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