‘Online marketplaces offering discounts after inflating MRP’

Submitted by business_centrik on 14/02/2017

A new survey has revealed instances of online marketplaces window-dressing the discounts they offer by quoting product prices that are higher than the maximum retail price (MRP). The issue had been repeatedly raised at various communities of online network Local Circles, including the community created by the Department of Consumer Affairs, following which the Ministry sought inputs from citizens for possible solutions. He added that 41% of respondents said that they had experienced online e-commerce sites listing products at prices higher than MRP and then discounting the inflated price. However, 25% consumers said they had not experienced anything like this, while 34% were not sure about it. In some cases, consumers pointed out that when they tried to write a review to outline the MRP discrepancy issues, some of the leading e-commerce sites rejected those reviews. “Consumers also suggested many solutions to overcome this problem with the leading one being display of a legible image of the actual product packaging with MRP,” Mr. Taparia said. They also suggested that e-commerce sites must take legal undertakings from all sellers that they would be barred from the site for listing products at prices above the MRP. “In case a customer asks for a refund due to an MRP issue, e-commerce sites must refund the difference amount or full amount in case of return, instead of shopping credits, etc.,” the respondents pointed out.


Source: The Hindu

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