Forgot to Upload Invoices in GST R-1? Don’t Worry We Got You Covered

If you are a supplier and somehow forgot to upload invoices issued to a registered recipient in Goods and Services Tax (GST) Return-1, no need to panic we are here to pull you out from this.

There is no need for unnecessary concern for the recipient.

Although, we can not add invoices once the GST R-1 is filed but there are few ways with which you can claim your credit and absolve yourself from the liability of such invoices

  1. You can add your invoices in GST R-2, which would be auto-drafted in the GST R-1A of the supplier. Once they are accepted, file the acceptance to the GST portal before filing the GST R-3 of the month.

This way invoices will be a part of particular month’s return without any interest and supplier will be free from the liability.  If eligible, the recipient will also get the benefit of credit on such invoices of the said month.

  1. In case you fail to update the invoices even in the GST R-2 of that month, it can be added in the following month’s return. Once the invoices are added in the following month’s return, the liability can be paid with interest. The invoices will be auto-settled in GST R-2 of the receipt and credit can be claimed, if eligible for the month.

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