Details of cases against MP’s & MLA’s to be track down by SC

Supreme Court will track down the details of cases against MP’s & MLA’s that are pending since 2014. The aim of this action is to put a full stop on politicians facing crimin­a­l charges from contesting ele­c­tions.

As per the direction, a bench of Justices Rajan Gogoi and Navin Sinha faddish the criminal cases filed against the politicians from 2014 till now. These cases involved as many as 1,581 cases that have been disposed of in one year and others that ended either in a conviction or relieved from the accused.

The Central government told the bench during the hearing that politics has to be declared lawful. Cases involving politicians must have the speedy disposal of the matter.

The apex court has asked the government to provide complete details of cases within 6 weeks and fix the matter for hearing on December 13, 2017.


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