Today’s dynamic environment calls for a new approach to providing expert legal advice and support to companies with global growth ambitions. Clients need help to complete complex cross-border deals and resolve difficult commercial disputes, backed by access to trusted legal services on the ground in India itself. Centrik Business Solutions has been quick to respond.

With the unprecedented changes in technology, the world is now a different place. Borders don’t matter, time zones don’t deter us and cultural differences are seen as opportunities. It is now easier, than ever before to take your business in other countries. However, this change has also forced the different regulatory bodies to amend the laws accordingly.

We at Centrik, recognize the opportunities outside your territory and assist you to take your business from local to global. Our expert team help you to know the rules and regulation by different countries and guide to comply with them.

Centrik, have vast resources and research to track the changes and guide you the right path. Our domain experts have very depth and versatile experience in handing such complex issues.


  • Country Analysis Report
  • Foreign Tax Structure and Implication
  • Registration and regulatory compliance
  • Seeking opportunity outside India
  • Offshore office management


Why To Choose Centrik?

Centrik has penal of domain experts who have versatile experience in handing the cross border issues. We have network office outside India to provide your quality services. Your all informations are kept confidential.

How Do You Work?

Upon receiving your query, we provide preliminary reply and seek time to present & discuss with you. We have research center who have latest informations and updates. For more details, please write to us.

Do you also provide FEMA or RBI related services?

Yes, we do provide all FEMA or RBI related consultancy services. For more details, please write or contact to us.

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