Corporate Debtor cannot be blamed for delay in delivery of possession when delay occurs due to Force Majeure

Whether the delay in delivering possession is due to the Corporate Debtor & in case the delay is not due to the Corporate Debtor, but force majeure, it cannot be alleged that the Corporate Debtor has defaulted in delivering the possession.

Homebuyers can now move RERA against Raheja Developers

Homebuyers who have been stuck due to CIRP and were unable to move before any court/ forum can now finally feel relieved and move before the developer company for any grievance.

Govt May Change IBC Laws for Buyer Protection, Stricter Norms for Homebuyers

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs may soon likely to move amendments to the code, including protection for new buyers and tighter norms for home buyers in terms of taking developers to the NCLT.

Where to file property related issues?

If the builder is delaying in giving possession or not giving the property as per the agreements there are some effective legal remedies for the aggrieved homebuyers under the law.

Insolvency Process starts against Rohtas Projects

This article is all about the insolvency process which has been initiated which may include filing of claims, acceptance of claims, making of the committee of creditors and resolution plan

Insolvency proceedings initiated against Kasata hometech

This proactiveness has been further accelerated by the landmark judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Pioneer case.

Can a Homebuyer approach RERA, NCLT and Consumer court simultaneously?

The home buyers have multiple forums to their rescue and it depends on them as to under what procures and act or code they wish to proceed.

Check if you need to file a claim for company facing insolvency process

In order to avoid rejection of the claims, the filing of claim should be done by an expert person having knowledge of Insolvency laws. 

How to file a claim against three C Projects after Insolvency

Claim filing might seem like an easy process but the creditors have to understand that it is not and they have to submit their respective claim in a meticulous manner.

How to file claims as homebuyers against Raheja developers

NCLT Principal Bench vide its order dated 20.08. 2019 has ordered insolvency proceedings U/S 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 against Real Estate Developer, M/S Raheja Developers Limited. Every creditor of M/s Raheja Developers need to file their claims before the Insolvency Resolution Professional(IRP).