Both operational creditors and financial creditors own certain advantages over each other. But Financial creditors are given some priorities over other creditors such as they are members of the creditor’s committee and have voting power etc and operational is not a member of the creditor’s committee.

NCLAT explains essential criteria of Financial Creditor

In the present case, the NCLAT held that the Appellants were acting as investors, the money they gave to the Respondents was in the nature of a loan, satisfying the condition of amount “disbursed against consideration for time value of money,” and the committed returns were in the nature of “interest.”

Allotees are Financial Creditors : Supreme Court

Under Section 7 of the IBC, this amendment allowed the home buyer to initiate insolvency proceedings against defaulting Promoters. However, the Insolvency Amendment 2018 was challenged in the Supreme Court of India by approximately 200 realtors.

Homebuyer with refund order is financial creditor, not a homebuyer any more

The homebuyers who have got RERA refund orders and if builder has defaulted in making the payment, you can file case before NCLT under IBC laws

Financial Creditors can Initiate Insolvency against Personal Guarantors under IBC

The new framework allows Creditors to continue recovery process with Personal Guarantor after completion of the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

Are Homebuyers Secured Financial Creditors or Unsecured Financial Creditors under IBC?

There has been no further clarification as to whether the home buyers are secured financial creditors or unsecured financial creditors, but in consideration of the recent developments, one thing is sure that the result will be in the interest of homebuyers only.

Recognition of Home Buyers as Financial Creditors under IBC

Home buyers are vital stakeholders in building projects. Many home buyers book their property in advance which helps builders raise funds for construction and development of the project.

Can financial creditor approach NCLT while the petition is pending in NCDRC?

The homebuyers who wish to seek refund of their amount are legally entitled to approach National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) under IBC.

Difference between Financial Creditor and Operational Creditor

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) bill 2017, describes the Financial Creditor and the Operational Creditor and the ambit of its applicability on creditor-debtor relationship.

Financial Creditor & Operational Creditor within the scope of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2017

The IBC has introduced new and distinct concepts of ‘Financial Creditor’ and ‘Operational Creditor’ as opposed to the Companies Act, 2013 which merely introduced the term ‘creditor’, without any classification thereof.

Debt without interest is also “Financial Debt” under IBC– Supreme Court

‘Financial Debt’ would have to be construed to include interest free loans advanced to finance the business operations of a corporate body.

CoC is empowered to consider revised financial offers keeping in mind the time limit set out by law: NCLAT

The NCLAT had to decide whether the NCLT/CoC may provide resolution applicants repeated chances to alter their individual resolution plans and whether the CoC was authorised to entertain fresh or revised resolution plans without exhausting available bids.

Creditors can request for a transfer of the winding up proceedings to NCLT: Supreme Court

This judgement is a step in the right direction because it recognizes the authority of a non-petitioning creditor to request for a transfer of the winding up proceedings. It assures that A creditor is not deprived of their right just because they didn’t participate in the initial winding up procedure against corporate debtor.