Filing of claims under IBC

If any individual has any outstanding claims against an organization and the said organization has been exposed to CIRP, the primary thing that must be finished by such bank immediately is to document his/her cases before any IRP/RP.

Why Filing of Claim is Necessary under IBC

Filing Claim under IBC- It becomes very important to understand why every creditor should file their claims?

Filing claims after the lapse of due date

Real estate (regulation & development) act, 2016 (RERA) came as a sigh of relief for the homebuyers (Financial creditors), providing them with adequate relief unlike available conventional remedies under civil and consumer laws

How to claim interest on Delayed Project

RERA Act grants the remedy to the homebuyers where they can file a complaint under section 31 of RERA Act and can claim interest for delay in possession by the developers. Homebuyers must seek legal assistance without delaying.

Filing Appeal under RERA

In order to file appeals under RERA, the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (“REAT”) was formed under section 43 of RERA, which examines the legality of RERA orders and determines whether to uphold or reverse the order. The REAT order can also be challenged before the Hon’ble High Court by filing an appeal.

Claims, not part of Resolution Plan, gets exhausted

No further legal action shall be permissible by creditor, whose claim has been rendered unsatisfied as per the resolution plan.

Limitation for filing reply in complaints under Consumer Protection Act, 1986

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has followed the strict approach while dealing with the issue of limitation period of 45 days in filing reply for the complaint as stipulated under the Section 13(1)(a) of the Act.

Points to remember while filing a case for homebuyers under the newly amended section 7 of IBC

There are certain points which are to be taken into consideration whilst filing a petition for the homebuyers under the newly amended Section 7 of IBC.

NCLT Holds Filing of Default Record Mandatory under Section 7 Applications

New Petitions under section 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code will mandatory be required to file default record from the Information Utility as per NCLT directed.

Check if you need to file a claim for company facing insolvency process

In order to avoid rejection of the claims, the filing of claim should be done by an expert person having knowledge of Insolvency laws. 

How to file claim for Insolvency against Today Homes

The claims can be filed before the Resolution Process will be closed, but in the same case, the Creditor cannot become a part of the COC without filing the claim.

Homebuyers can file claim against HDIL

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process initiated against Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited. Claims have been invited by the IRP from the creditors of the Company.

How to file a claim against three C Projects after Insolvency

Claim filing might seem like an easy process but the creditors have to understand that it is not and they have to submit their respective claim in a meticulous manner.

How to file claims as homebuyers against Raheja developers

NCLT Principal Bench vide its order dated 20.08. 2019 has ordered insolvency proceedings U/S 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 against Real Estate Developer, M/S Raheja Developers Limited. Every creditor of M/s Raheja Developers need to file their claims before the Insolvency Resolution Professional(IRP).

Filing of insolvency petition before NCLT by the Homebuyer- A Complete Analysis

In the year of 2016, a new set of laws as RERA Act have been implemented, specifically to protect the homebuyer and ensure the growth of real estate sector.