Reverse Insolvency- Legal Remedy to Homebuyers as Group to get the Project Completed

The reason for stalling of a project can be one or many but the real objective for a homebuyer is to get the best possible remedy which protects the interest of all homebuyers of such a project.

Group Insolvency- The Future of Successful Resolution under IBC

It is advisable to the creditors to make a plea of initiating Group Insolvency while filing an application for initiation of CIRP against a corporate debtor.

How to Choose Best Legal Firm for Joint Insolvency Petition By Homebuyers

Homebuyers while filing the joint petition before NCLT under IBC laws, should chose the legal firm very carefully.

Why Filing of Claim is Necessary under IBC

Filing Claim under IBC- It becomes very important to understand why every creditor should file their claims?

Points to remember while filing a case for homebuyers under the newly amended section 7 of IBC

There are certain points which are to be taken into consideration whilst filing a petition for the homebuyers under the newly amended Section 7 of IBC.

NCLT Holds Filing of Default Record Mandatory under Section 7 Applications

New Petitions under section 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code will mandatory be required to file default record from the Information Utility as per NCLT directed.

No bar to Initiate Insolvency Proceedings pendency the action under SARFAESI Act or RDBFI Act

The pendency of actions under the SARFAESI Act or actions under the RDDBFI Act, 1993 does not create an obstruction for applying Section 7 of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016, especially given Section 238 of IBC.

Filing claims after the lapse of due date

Real estate (regulation & development) act, 2016 (RERA) came as a sigh of relief for the homebuyers (Financial creditors), providing them with adequate relief unlike available conventional remedies under civil and consumer laws

Insolvency Process starts against Rohtas Projects

This article is all about the insolvency process which has been initiated which may include filing of claims, acceptance of claims, making of the committee of creditors and resolution plan

How Insolvency can be initiated by corporate debtor against itself?

How can a corporate person file for insolvency? the insolvency process for section 10 application, the fees, documents required and other details required to file such an insolvency petition.