Are you a promoter puzzled with MahaRERA Compliances?

MahaRERA has been a model for other states. Recently, its proved again when suo motu action was taken for the first time against large group of promoters.

Karnataka RERA Compliance for Builders

States were directed to establish a regulatory authority, whose work was to overlook the registration process and ensure compliance of the policies of the state.

MahaRERA: RERA Authority is very strict on the RERA Compliance part by the Builders

Being the leading State MAHARERA is very strict on the builders as far as the RERA compliances are concerned, in Maharashtra, a promoter should update the progress report of the project on the MAHARERA website

UP-RERA Penalises Supertech, Mahagun and other Projects and Revokes the Third Project of Ansal API

UP-RERA has taken this step to ensure that homebuyers’ interests are effectively protected and that the RERA Act’s provisions are followed.