Section 33(5) of IBC doesn’t bar legal proceedings against a ship owned by Corporate Debtor in liquidation: Bombay HC

It is evident upon reading Section 33(5) that this clause merely forbids the filing of a lawsuit or other legal action against the Corporate Debtor. It in no way precludes the filing of a lawsuit or starting another legal action against a ship or vessel owned by the corporate debtor.

Are Corporate Guarantors equivalent to Corporate Debtors

The Supreme Court has made an attempt to shed light on this matter recently in K. Paramasivan v. The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. An appeal is preferred before the apex court under which the NCLAT decision is challenged.

Operational Debt Includes Advance Payment Made to a Corporate Debtor for the supply of Goods or Services: SC

A debt arising from an advance payment given to a corporate debtor for the supply of goods or services would be deemed an operational debt.

Cheque Bouncing Versus Insolvency– Whether proceedings under Section 138 and 141 of N.I. Act, 1881 can be initiated against Corporate Debtor during Moratorium period?

The institution or continuation of a proceeding of dishonour of cheque against company under the provisions of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1888 fall within the ambit of moratorium provision of the IBC.

The Corporate Guarantor can initiate CIRP against the Corporate Debtor under “Right to subvention”

Proceeding against the Corporate Debtor for the recovery of the dues and hence can file a petition against the Corporate Debtor under Section 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 before the Adjudicating Authority.

Is Adjudicating Authority under obligation to accept an application against a Corporate Debtor u/s 7?

The Adjudicating Authorities have been given discretionary powers under section 7(5)(a) of I&B Code, 2016. The Authorities are required to apply their mind and take into consideration all facts and circumstances.

Corporate Debtor cannot be blamed for delay in delivery of possession when delay occurs due to Force Majeure

Whether the delay in delivering possession is due to the Corporate Debtor & in case the delay is not due to the Corporate Debtor, but force majeure, it cannot be alleged that the Corporate Debtor has defaulted in delivering the possession.

Aviva Life Insurance Company now a Corporate Debtor under IBC

Aviva Life is a joint venture between Dabur Invest Corp (Dabur group) and Aviva International Holding Ltd. This petition was filed against Aviva by Apeejay Trust for non-payment of rent and other relating dues totaling to over 27 lakh as claimed by Apeejay Trust in their petition.

How Insolvency can be initiated by corporate debtor against itself?

How can a corporate person file for insolvency? the insolvency process for section 10 application, the fees, documents required and other details required to file such an insolvency petition.

Resolution Plans to be shared with directors of corporate debtor to attend COC

The former directors of the corporate debtor shall not merely provide the financial status of the corporate debtor but more than that so that they are aware of the terms to which they are bound.

Defense by the Corporate Debtor

In case of financial creditor being an applicant to the insolvency process, an application would be made to Adjudicating Authority and a copy of such application would be sent to the corporate debtor.

Insolvency and Resolution Process of Corporate Debtor

In this article we will precisely discuss about the conduct of insolvency process by corporate debtor who is also called as corporate applicant.

Is it mandatory to serve demand notice on corporate debtor?

Demand notice means a notice served by an operational creditor to the corporate debtor demanding repayment of the operational debt in respect of which the default has occurred.

Threshold limit of the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process as per NCLT

There is no specific threshold limit for the NCLT Delhi under the IBC 2016. The IBC provides that a financial creditor, operational creditor, or the corporate debtor itself can initiate the insolvency resolution process with the NCLT.